Welcome to WessexHistory.org, where local history comes to life…

Over the coming few months you will see this exciting new website take shape and become the place to visit for local history information. Whether you are a visitor or a local, a historian or an enthusiast, our lovely region of Wessex has it all, from some of the country’s finest castles, historic churches, royal history, archaeology, iron age hill forts, standing stones, grand houses, and industrial architecture to some of the finest old inns, hostelries and tearooms to be found anywhere in Britain. Whatever your age, whatever your budget, we have one important message to get across; history is fun!

The Wessex History Bus

The Wessex History Bus

How often do we drive through this lovely corner of England and wish we had more time to stop and explore? The Wessex History Bus has been set up to do just that. Our tours fall into five main catagories; Ancient Landmarks, The South Coast at War, Fascinating Churches, Historic Towns and Villages and Behind the High Walls. Our aim is to provide a friendly and informative day out, usually topped off with a cosy pub for lunch or a tempting tearoom. The best bit is; any profit we make goes straight back into supporting local heritage projects.

AveburyLulworth CastleDurdle Door

History Is Fun!

History is not that dull subject associated with the classroom. It isn’t just strings of boring names or dates to be remembered or forgotten. History is Kings and castles, knights and fair maidens, warriors and dragons, trains and galleons, treasure and bones. History is whatever your imagination wants it to be. Wherever your interests lie, they will have their roots somewhere in history. The very moment that you found this web page is now embedded in your own history.

If you are keen to learn more about local history and you live in the Wessex Region, congratulations! There is so much history built into the very bones of our land that it is practically served up on a plate. All you need is some transport and your imagination and we can provide the key ingredients for an adventure into the past.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting project, please contact us at info@wessexhistory.org with your ideas, comments, articles or photos… and keep your eyes peeled for our up-coming social media profiles!